Couples Therapy


Most couples seek help because of conflict, lack of intimacy and trust, and loss of passion.  Often couples fight in ways that create even more distance between the two partners, and leave hurtful words lingering in the air.  The tension that is created in these moments of conflict erodes tender feelings, and in time, the couple can question their love for one another.


I believe that we live in a 

society that values conflict

avoidance.  Consequently,

we are often not taught

how to handle anger and

how to fight in productive

ways.  When not expressed,

anger builds, and can leak

out in passive aggressive 

ways, or rush out in the

form of angry words and

acts that are often later



My primary focus when working with couples is helping to

facilitate free and open communication of all feelings.  To 

achieve this, I do my best to immerse myself in each partner's

subjective experience, and encourage the other partner to do the same.  I help each partner to express their feelings in ways that

are full of feeling and honest, yet do not create a defensive 

feeling in the other person. Through this kind of conversation,

many wounds can be healed, trust regained, and loving feelings restored.